Reduction of Post-Harvest Losses

  • 11:00 - 12:30
  • Celtic Cooling, Coolfinity
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One of the most important aspects of modern agriculture is the need to reduce post-harvest losses (PHL). Dutch companies offer innovative solutions, and a few of them will showcase their expertise during this workshop, including Celtic Cooling and Coolfinity.

Coolfinity | Maarten ten Houten

Coolfinity has created a cooling technology that works for 24 hours while only 6 hours of power is needed, under harsh tropical circumstances. In the world there are over 70 countries that have to cope with lengthy power outages. Reliable cooling during power outages is an enormous challenge. Unreliable cooling can lead to post-harvest losses, every year 20 percent of food is spoiled due to bad cooling. Coolfinity works with a physical battery where energy is stored, therefore the availability of cooling if disconnected from the availability of power.

Celtic Cooling | How tailor-made cooling can reduce Post-Harvest Losses | Dave Zoetemelk

With many years of field experience and having installed over 3.000 cold rooms in more than 20 countries in Africa, Celtic Cooling will give some insight into Post-Harvest Losses. Celtic Cooling will show how Post-Harvest Losses can be reduced in various agricultural sectors using their tailor-made cooling solution. They will go into practical design details and showing examples of solutions that include; forced-air cooling, blast freezing and ideal storage conditions for different perishables products.

Examples to be discussed;

– Fruits (mango, pineapple & avocado for export)
– Vegetables (potato & onion long term storage)
– Livestock (poultry & cattle slaughterhouse)