Optimise your feedmix

  • 11:00 - 12:30
  • Sonac, NGN, Koudijs
FAB Forum-61

During this workshop, participants will hear the latest insights about feedmix. Three Dutch companies, who are frontrunners in their fields, will share trends concerning optimisation of feedmix and alternative ingredients.

Sonac | Carine van Vuure

Sonac, as a subsidiary from Darling Ingredients International is a global one-stop shop for innovative solutions & expertise in the field of sustainable organic ingredients. Sonac is a global innovator and expert in natural, high-quality ingredients for the food, feed, pet food, fertilizer, oleochemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company’s innovative and varied application of animal by-products places them among the world’s pioneers in sustainable business.

Koudijs | Optimize Poultry Foods with Koudijs Concentrates in Africa Menno  Verbrugge

Koudijs, with local partners, is investing in poultry feed development and technical service to improve livestock farmers’ profits. The key factors for success will be discussed.

New Generation Nutrition (NGN) Local, Affordable and Effective new Feed Sources | Marian Peters

Since 2006 Marian Peters has been involved in the insect sector, highlighting the potential of insects as a protein-rich feed and food source for the future. At present, high-quality animal protein for feed in Africa is often expensive, import-dependent and in short supply. Therefore, it is essential to discuss how insects can be integrated into African feed and food chains, leading the way in sustainable livestock and agriculture. Marian brings insects to the table as an opportunity for Francophone Africa to develop local, affordable and effective new feed sources.