14:15 - 15:15

Kukua and EARS

The climate is constantly changing, so the question we must ask is what we can do to mitigate the effects of a different climate? NABC member Kukua specializes in using weather data in a smart way. African farmers can then reap the benefits of this weather data, as it guides their efforts to improve farm management practices and climate smart agricultural techniques, making them the perfect company to share their thoughts on the matter. Also EARS (Environmental Analysis & Remote Sensing) is actively battling climate change. They use satellite data.

Kukua pools, processes and presents weather data and information with the aim of closing the weather information gap across the Tropics: improving forecasting; creating a clear picture of how the climate is changing; building resilience throughout supply chains with a focus on soft commodities. Using IoT to collect live data from remote sensors, Kukua is developing the infrastructure required to create products and services that facilitate enhanced planning and decision making; crop forecasting; yield estimates; climate smart agricultural practices. With activities across Sub Saharan Africa, covering commodities from coffee to cocoa; tea to bananas; cashew to cassava, Kukua works with the private and public sector to create sustainable solutions.

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