Healthy and Resilient Soils

  • 11:00 - 12:30
  • Louis Bolk Institute, AgroCares , NL-FSA and Royal Eijkelkamp
FAB Forum-54

This workshop is given by AgroCares and the renowned Louis Bolk Institute, which has a lot of expertise in CO2 storage in Soils.

AgroCares | The AgroCares Scanner | Pascal Murasira & Florent Mournetas

AgroCares will present you with a simple and mobile tool that makes soil testing a reality for every farmer: The AgroCares Scanner.

With the AgroCares Scanner, it is now possible to test fresh soils directly in the field and subsequently get a complete soil report on your smartphone within a few
minutes. This report includes organic matter, pH, macronutrients (N, P, K) and CEC, as well as a tailored soil fertility recommendation for the farmers to reach a target yield. The presentation will be followed by a live demo of the Scanner. Bring your sample for a test on-the-spot!

The Louis Bolk Institute | The influence of management of farmers | Merel Hondebrink

The Louis Bolk Institute is a research institute of around 50 people that focuses on sustainable agriculture, nutrition and health. A lot of research is done about soil quality and ways to improve soil conditions. Due to the fact that people are getting more aware of climate change, agricultural soils are increasingly seen as part of a solution for climate change mitigation and adaptation. This topic is tightly linked to soil organic matter content and carbon percentages in soils. The amount of carbon sequestration is influenced by the management of the farmer. On the 15th of October, we will discuss the influence of management of farmers on carbon sequestration, discuss different possibilities to improve soil quality and the advantages for the farmer (e.g. higher soil fertility and better water holding capacity).

The NL-FSA & Royal Eijkelkamp │Farm development in Senegal│ Albert Knol

The NL–Food Security Alliance is a network of mainly Dutch based companies and institutions collaborating in creating exclusive, profitable and sustainable solutions for the agri-water-food business. The focus is to develop large, financially viable projects that are based on a business case to secure local food production. The NL-FSA is a Royal Eijkelkamp initiative.

Among other things, this presentation will discuss the Senegal project of the NL- FSA which focuses on the development of irrigation infrastructure and management methods to enable agrobusiness and associated value chain in the private and public sector.