Agritech: Geodata, Remote Sensing, Agri-drones

  • 11:00 - 12:30
  • Netherlands Space Office, Waterwatch, Eleaf, Hiview & FutureWater
HiView images

Information collected by remote sensing is key to the optimisation of crop production, water usage and to better predict weather patterns.  In this workshop, expertise and technologies in the field of geodata, remote sensing and the use of agri-drones will be shared by The Netherlands Space Office, Waterwatch, Satelligence,  HiView & FutureWater, and eLEAF.

Waterwatch | Waterwatch Digital Farming Solutions | By Andre Jellema

Entrepreneurs in agriculture face many risks in their business, including climate changes, pest and disease, crop failure, price and market risks, financial risks and Institutional risks. Waterwatch has the mission to make essential information services for AgriFood accessible and affordable to all actors in the value chain: farmers, producer cooperatives, processors, traders, financial institutions and insurance companies to make better business decisions. To fulfill this mission Waterwatch is building a coherent ecosystem of connected IT solutions on a data platform focusing on agriculture in developing countries, including the AgriCoach, AgriMonitor, Pest and Disease alert, the CropSupply planner and in InputSupply planner. The data platform can be used for better farm management, the organization of (outgrower) farmers, input and output supply management

eLEAF | Facts from Space – Satellite-based Technology for Agriculture and Water Management | By Mechteld Andriessen

 eLEAF is a high-tech Dutch remote sensing company that provides satellite-based data and applications to increase food production, support sustainable water management and protect environmental systems worldwide. At the FAB Forum in Utrecht eLEAF will present applications and tools using satellite technology for Agriculture and Water Management. We will show tools at continental and regional scale aimed at decision-makers, as well as applications at field level that are directed at agri-businesses.

HiView & FutureWater | Agronomical advicery based on aerial imagery from Flying Sensors | By Jan van Til and Martijn de Klerk

HiView and FutureWater are two Dutch companies that are closely working together in offering different applications of Flying Sensor (drone) data in African countries like Mozambique, Kenya, Ghana. ThirdEye is the name of an agronomical service for small and medium farmers that is delivered by locally trained staff. Crop stress is detected by smart sensors, like a NIR cam or a thermal cam. Handy viewing tools help to convey advice to the farmer.

Next to ThirdEye, HiView and Futurewater are, within the African context, also active in measuring and monitoring tasks for research, agro-businesses and forest plantations.

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