14:15 - 15:15

Jangolo and Mamococktail

"Agripreneurship" is a coined term that has been used quite regularly in recent years, but what does it really mean? In short, it describes the transition from (smallholder) agriculture towards entrepreneurship; there is a shift in mindset from producing just what is enough to meet ends meet, to emphasizing the importance of adding value. In this workshop we will hear from Bernard Foffe, founder of Jangolo, and Diallo Oumou Sissoko, founder of Mamcocktail.

Bertrand Foffe is from Cameroon. After some years in media and Communication in Cameroon,
Bertrand decided to move abroad to study ICT in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. After few years
of experience as IT consultant, Bertrand decided to start a project in Cameroon with some
friends with the objective of using technologies to improve small farmers lives in Africa, starting
with Cameroon. Bertrand is the founder of Jangolo, an Agri-Tech company that develop
solutions to ease the life of farmers and promote their brand and product across Cameroon and
abroad. Bertrand is passionate about finding IT solutions to common daily problems, that
passion applied to agriculture motivated the creation of Jangolo. Jangolo offers three platforms
that contribute to boost and guide the uprising new generation of farmers. Jangolo Farm is the
E-commerce platform that helps farmers to sell and distribute their goods easily and efficiently.
Farmers facilitate farmer’s daily activities by providing solutions to manage their farm, increase
their profitability and expand in their domain of expertise.

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