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Born and raised in Burkina Faso, Ragnimwendé Eldaa KOAMA is a graduate from New Dawn University with degrees in Computer Science and Management of Information Systems Studies. From her extra-activities at University, she developed skills in leading teams and young people movements, debating and public speaking, facilitator in communication, a volunteer self-development coaching for her peers. For more than once, she has been solicited to participate in both national and international conferences as a speaker or a moderator due to her proven experience in building bridges between people through their ideas, cultures, motivations to enhance their activism. She is influent in three main languages: English, French and Mooré.

Passionate by people initiatives with strong social impact and the use of Technology for development, she has been working as a Project Manager at BeoogoLAB, an incubator committed to digital and social entrepreneurship. Since then, she has proven strong involvement, working with entrepreneurial initiatives owners, by supporting them to precise their vision and develop their leadership; to create, manage and engage their teams to reach their goals with tangible progress and good results.

Through dynamic collaboration and co-working activities with people promoted by BeoogoLAB, she initiated therein the incubator, a youth activism movement named Yocowork that aims to build together with young people in Burkina Faso and diaspora, a networked and collaborative platform in order to realize social impact projects towards a local development for and by the citizens themselves! As a female leader, she believes in people potential and is willing to work with and motivate them to positively impact the world through their initiatives and actions! Her inspiring slogan would always be Tom Peters’ quote “True Leaders don’t create followers; they create more Leaders!”.

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