9:10 - 9:50

Groupement du Patronat de la Francophonie


Eco OIL is an agribusiness private Congolese Company created in 2013. Its founder and CEO, Claude Wilfrid Etoka has just been appointed by his peers to the presidency of the "Groupement du Patronat de la Francophonie" in charge of "corporate social responsibility" commission for a four-year term.

ECO-OIL ENERGIE wishes through its ECOPLUS flagship program to contribute to the reduction of Congo's food dependency by facilitating and working on the cultivation of thousands of hectares of arable agricultural land.

The ECOPLUS program fully respects the environment and aims to revitalize previously productive and profitable sectors and improve the living conditions of the concerned population.

Areas: Palm oil, Cocoa, Gruits, Groundnut plant

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